Professional Studies or Exploratory Advising

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Prospective Student Program Inquiry

Choose this option if you are considering attending UAH and have questions regarding coming in as an undecided major (Exploratory), the BA or BS in Professional Studies, or the BS in Engineering Technology.

Duration: 30 minutes

Prepare for Registration (Professional Studies, Engineering Technology, or Exploratory (undecided college and major)

Current Bachelors in Professional Studies, Engineering Technology or Exploratory (undecided major) students ONLY. If you have chosen a college or declared a major outside of the College of Professional Studies, you will need to contact academic advising in your college for registration assistance (

Duration: 30 minutes

Assistance in Changing Majors or Declaring a Major

If you only need information on the process of changing majors:

Step 1: Complete the Change of College Form in the Forms section of My UAH and submit it to the registrar’s office

Step 2: Schedule an advising meeting with your new college ( as soon as possible.

Duration: 30 minutes

Explore Majors

If you would like to take FOCUS2, UAH’s academic and career planning assessment, please go to to find the link. To register and create an account:

Username: Your complete UAH email address
Access code: chargers.

Duration: 30 minutes

General Advising

Duration: 30 minutes

Questions or Assistance Needed in FYE 101G, PRO 301, PRO 310, or are a College Academy student.

Please select this option if you are a student in any of these courses and need assistance.

Duration: 30 minutes

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