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Prepare for Registration: Exploratory Students (undecided in both college AND major)

If you have chosen a college or declared a major, you will need to contact academic advising in your college for registration assistance (

Assistance in Changing Majors or Declaring a Major

**If you are changing majors from one college to another (ex: Engineering to Science) OR declaring your major for the first time and just need to know how to make the change - follow these steps:** Step 1: Go to your myUAH portal, Choose the Students Show More Card. From there, select See More - Student Forms - Change of College and complete the required information. Everything is done online. Step 2: Schedule an advising meeting with your new college ( as soon as possible. If you are changing majors WITHIN your college (ex: from Biology to Chemistry or Sociology to Psychology), please meet with your current academic advisor to have the change made.

Explore Majors

If you would like to take an assessment prior to our meeting, we suggest the O*NET Interest Profiler under the "I want to be a..." section at If you wish to discuss your results, please have them available at our meeting.

General Advising

Interested in the Professional Studies major.

Student in EH 340, PRO 301, PRO 320, or FYE 101G

Prospective Student

Info about the BA in Professional Studies

Choose this option if you are interested in the BA in Professional Studies whether you are a currently enrolled UAH student or considering attending UAH.

Info about Exploratory (undecided major and college)

Choose this option if you are considering attending UAH and have questions regarding coming in as an undecided major (Exploratory).
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